Sample Handlers, Auto diluters & Dispensers


Our range of Sample Handlers, AutoDiluters and Dispensers offer versatile and flexible systems for all sample dispensing tasks in analytical and clinical laboratories. They provide precise, problem-free dispensing and dilution capabilities, and easily meet the increasing requirements for laboratory automation. The family of products includes:

·         ProLiquid MiniDispenser - a small precision dispenser employing a simple, one-hand operation. It comprises a hand-held pump unit with valves that can be screwed onto most laboratory bottles. Ideal for the preparation of calibration solutions and additions in AA, ICP, ICP-MS, safe dispensing of concentrated acids and the preparation of digestion solutions click here for data sheet

  • ProLiquid DuoDispenser - a semi-automated dispensing system with digital volume selection for precision manual pipetting tasks, addition and dispensing of liquids for the busy AA, ICP, ICP-MS or IC laboratory

·         ProLiquid AutoDiluter systems - modular, automated pumping systems for pipetting, dilution and dispensing of liquids for any routine liquid handling and preparation of standards and samples in the busy AA, ICP, ICP-MS or IC laboratory. The ProLiquid AutoDiluter 7.2/5.2 system can prepare standards and samples in exactly the same way as a trained analyst and the ProLiquid AutoDiluter 5.1 system can be tailored to meet your exact requirements for any pipetting, dilution or dispensing task in the laboratory



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