Organic Reference Materials


We offer one of the widest range of organic reference materials in the world. As part of our Reference Materials programme, the range now includes over 5,000 different substances, in both solution and neat form, together with a comprehensive range of prepared mixes, resulting in over 10,000 different products produced by laboratories accredited to ISO 17034.

All neat products are accompanied by a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis detailing authentication or composition as appropriate, together with a method of analysis and sample chromatogram, if applicable. A Gravimetric Certificate accompanies all solutions, detailing the full gravimetric information including purity, weight taken, lot number and solvent lot number. All reference standards are assigned an expiry date that is shown on both the product label and certificate. Each product is packaged in the most suitable container either an amber bottle with a PTFE lined screw cap or amber flame sealed ampoule.
We also offer an expertise in producing custom mixes to your specification. We can provide advice on component compatibilities, solubility, solvent choice and stability. This has helped many of our customers free-up valuable analyst time. Normally, we prepare the mix from first principles using neat substances rather than stock solutions, ensuring minimum error and eliminating solvent incompatibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a quotation.

Our ongoing reference materials development programme continues to produce new products such as pesticide stable isotopes, pesticide metabolites and other novel products to meet the demand of the analytical laboratory community. Please don’t hesitate to contact with any new

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