PFA Labware


Savillex offers a wide range of advanced labware products to suit every application. Manufactured from PFA, our labware products offer superior chemical resistance, simplified cleaning, wide temperature service range, chemical inertness and long-term stability.

The extensive range of products includes:

  • Bottles and jars
  • Vials and closures
  • Column components and microcolumns
  • Digestion and pressure vessels
  • Filter holders, fittings, general labware, impingers, sub-boiling distillation, tubes and tubing
  • Also introduced are new PFA & FEP bottles providing significantly improved cleaning, washout and reduced carryover
  • Plus the DST-1000 and DST-4000 Acid Purification Systems are the ultimate units for the laboratory production of ultra-pure acids and water

·         NEW 50ml PFA Dropper Bottle suitable for the most challenging trace metal applications

·         NEW Vial Cleaning System for the safest and most efficient method for cleaning PFA vials and labware 

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