Isotope Dilution Reference Material


Isotope dilution analysis (IDA) or isotope dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS) is a well-known analytical technique based on the measurement of isotope ratios in samples where the isotopic composition has been altered by the addition of a known amount of an isotopically enriched element. It is an absolute quantitative method (traceable to the primary isotopic standard) and is commonly used for applications where high accuracy and certainty is required, for example in National Metrology Institutes. Also, since the quantification solely depends on the measurement of the isotope ratio in the sample itself and does not involve the use of external calibration, IDA is significantly less prone to matrix effects. IDA offers the possibility to determine major to ultra-trace concentrations of elements in virtually any matrix, with superior accuracy and precision compared to external calibration and is often used as a reference method for certified reference material characterisation.

We are pleased to offer:

·         Isotopically enriched organic compounds for Isotope Dilution Analysis

·         Elemental Isotopic Standards for Isotope Dilution Analysis

·         Custom multi-element spike solutions for On-line Isotope Dilution Analysis (OIDA)

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