Microplates & Microplate Equipment


Porvair Sciences and Finneran, specialists in the manufacture of microplate products, serve Life Sciences, Biotechnology, R&D and Molecular Biology, offer microplate solutions for all applications, from sample preparation to high throughput screening.

In addition, we offer unique Microplate Systems, Accessories, Sealing Equipment, Sealing Mats and Films including the patented modular, reusable 96-well Multi-Tier Plate and new aluminum 96-well plate systems for more efficient heat transfer.

Our range includes microplate heat-sealing equipment, vacuum manifolds, sealers and cappers, blowdown evaporators and microplates in all popular styles; deep well and shallow well storage plates, assay plates for life sciences, filtration and sample preparation plates, and liquid handling reagent reservoirs trays and multi-channel pipette reservoirs.

Our vacuum manifolds, essential for 96-well SPE sample preparation, are designed to work with most popular filter plates, including Waters, Millipore, Qiagen, Whatman, GE Healthcare, Varian, Biotage and Porvair.

The NEW Ultraseal™ Pro is the latest fully automated heat-sealing instrument designed to consistently seal and protect a wide range of microplates and tubes. Ultraseal™ Pro is compact, versatile and fully automated for reliable and consistent sealing.


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