Purification, Concentration & Vessel Cleaning


This range of products is specifically designed to enhance ultra-trace analysis and includes acid purification and concentration systems, and sample vessel cleaners:

  • Purification and Concentration – designed to evaporate and concentrate samples and reagents or purify low volume acids for ultra-trace metal analysis
  • Ultra Pure Acid Purification - the Savillex DST-1000 and DST-4000 Acid Purification Systems are the ultimate units for laboratory production of ultra-pure acids or water
  • Acid Vapour Cleaning of Sample Vessels – simple and highly efficient devices for the acid vapour cleaning or conditioning of sample containers for ultra-trace metal analysis
  • Vial Cleaning System - the vial cleaning system from Savillex provides the safest and most efficient method for cleaning PFA vials and labware

EasyTrace Cleaner (ETC) Evolution II, Cold Pipette Tips Conditioning System and the NEW VC Ultra - products designed to efficiently acid clean or condition your sample vials, containers, bottles, microwave vessels and pipette tips!

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